Demo made with ProtoPie

  • Pull and ChainPull from the edge of the screen to simultaneously reveal the Drawer menu and trigger other interactions.

  • Page and ScrollSwipe to change pages or scroll vertically or horizontally through longer pages.

  • Multi finger gestureUse pinch-to-zoom, two-finger rotation, and/or five-finger input to change look of the page.

  • Tilt SensorTilt the smartphone to change an object’s position, opacity, rotation or a variety of other properties.

  • Sound SensorChange the sound volume to trigger changes and create interactions between objects.

  • 3D Touch SensorIncrease or decrease the degree of pressure on the screen to control different properties of an object.

What we have done in 2015

What we are going to do
in 2016

Since last year, we have received a lot of valuable feedback from designers all over the world.
We are pleased to say that ProtoPie will be released very soon!

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